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Latin Perspective is a modern Salsa band, playing both classic and modern Afro-Cuban music including mambos, cha-cha-chas and sambas. Ideal for dancing and great to listen to.

We play at private parties, weddings and functions. We can also be heard from time to time playing in pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Based in the South East of England, we play predominantly in South London, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.

Line Up

Latin Perspective is available in the following line ups:

Sextet Singer, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Bass, Percussion
Septet a Singer, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Piano, Bass, Percussion
Septet b Singer, Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Bass, Percussion, Congas
Octet Singer, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Piano, Bass, Percussion, Congas

Musicians in the Latin Persepective salsa band all have many years of experience. From time to time we also have some great guest players with us.


We play a wide range of different styles of salsa music to provide for the different salsa dance tempos and styles.  Some of the more popular songs and styles are listed below:

Fast Mambo Cachondea
Midnight Mambo
Medium Mambo Bilongo
Dejame Sonar
El Manisero
Mambo Inn
Ran Kan Kan
Slower Mambo Guantanamera
Oye Coma Va
Cha-Cha-Cha El Rico Vacilon
Latin Perspective
Samba Caravan
Jazz Mambos Perdido Mambo
Blue Bambo
St Thomas Mambo

If your favourite is not listed please ask!

In addition to salsa, we also play Ratpack, jazz, soul, blues and rock & roll songs. We can and have provided programmes which incorporate both styles of music, which are great for events such as weddings where a wide variety of ages and tastes need to be catered for. Here is an example of a recent programme:

Set 1 - JAZZ Ratpack, Nina Simone and Ella Fitzgerld music for dancing and listening
Set 2 - SALSA A mix of Salsa songs for latin dance
Set 3 - SOUL General dancing for everyone, including standards from Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Dusty Springfield, Ben E King and Dionne Warwick

Please visits the Acoustic Resonance website for more about our jazz and soul music.


Here are two demo clips for you to download. More should be available in the near future.

Vocal Mambo   .WMA .MP3


Singer, Piano, Double Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Trumpet Listen Listen
Fast Mambo   .WMA .MP3

Ran Kan Kan

Piano, Double Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Trumpet Listen Listen

If you would like the clips on a CD, or have difficulty downloading the clips or don't have the ability to handle Windows Media (.wma) or MP3 files, please contact Philip Bishop.

Interval Music

We normally play a three hour programme, typically comprising three 45 minute sets, with two intervals. 

The music, sets and intervals can be tailored to fit in with the programme of your event.

When we are not performing on stage, we have a range of CDs which we can use to provide interval music if required.

Longer or shorter programmes can also be provided to suit your needs - please ask!


For more information, a demo CD and booking the band, please get in touch with Philip Bishop.

Telephone - 07950 235329


Copyright 2006 Philip Bishop. All rights reserved.



Pictures from a recent engagements...